Saturday, April 21, 2012

Earrings Extravaganza!

I love earrings! They add an extra bit of pizzazz to an already great outfit! For some reason I put off getting my ears pierced until a couple years after I graduated from college, which is hard to believe! I've had my ears pierced for a little bit over two years now, but it feels like I've had them done forever, since earrings are such an essential part of every outfit. For awhile I mostly wore small freshwater pearl studs in an assortment of colors and some medium faux pearl studs. Although I still wear these occasionally, I wear bigger stud earrings much more often now. My jewelry box is not overflowing with tons of different earrings but rather I have a few faithful favorite pairs that I alternate depending on my outfit and my mood.

Introducing my faithful faves:

Kate Spade Putting On The Ritz studs. These beauties were a wedding party gift from my lovely cousin this past December. They were gorgeous to wear with our attendant dresses and I have worn them many times since the wedding. They add instant sparkle to any outfit and work for less formal occasions as well!

Lilly Pulitzer Lilly's Pink Cherry Blossom Critter Earrings. This is the first piece of Lilly jewelry I have gotten. These are both fun and simple and complement lots of outfits, plus they come with a printed Lilly Pulitzer drawstring jewelry bag. From the Spring 2012 collection.

Kate Spade Metropolitan Pearl Stud earrings. I snagged these large faux pearl studs from the Kate Spade online sample sale a couple months ago and they are now my favorite earrings! They go with everything and the small jewel detail at the base adds a nice additional touch. A perfectly preppy staple!

Now here a few other fun pairs of stud earrings that do not currently reside in my jewelry box-maybe someday!

Lilly Pulitzer True Blue Navy Buzz Critter Earrings. From the Spring 2012 collection.

Kate Spade Flo Pink Gumdrop studs.

Lilly Pulitzer Critter Earrings in Jewel Green Hop To It. From the Resort 2011 Collection.

Kate Spade Mom's The Word Daisy Studs

And now you know what earrings I'm loving right now! As you can see, Kate Spade and Lilly Pulitzer are the overwhelming favorites, because they are two high quality, girly brands I love. But go out and find whatever works for you!

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