Thursday, August 30, 2012

Fabulous Summer Feet

All summer long my go-to shoes have alternated between my gold and silver Jack Rogers. And one of my favorite things about wearing sandals is being able to show off the fun polish colors when I paint my toes. I have rotated a few different OPI colors throughout the summer and I like how switching between gold and silver Jacks while wearing each nail polish color on my toes gives my feet a slightly different look. Here are some of my favorite combinations:
Silver Jacks with OPI "If You Moust You Moust"

Gold Jacks with OPI "If You Moust You Moust"

Silver Jacks with OPI "Gargantuan Green Grape"

Gold Jacks with OPI "Gargantuan Green Grape"

Silver Jacks with OPI "No Room For The Blues"

Gold Jacks with OPI "No Room For The Blues"

What have been your go-to sandals and nail polish colors this summer?

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Latest Lilly Love

The second shipment of Lilly Pulitzer's Fall 2012 collection has just become available online and in stores. This installment includes my favorite print from the Fall line: an adorable elephant print called Kissy Pink Tusk In Sun. Ever since I saw this print in the lookbook earlier in the summer I have been anxious for it to come out. It is not your stereotypical Lilly animal print, rather it is somewhat of a basic geometric print-in that the elephants are the repeating "shapes." However, it is still absolutely precious and the jewel tones are perfect for fall. I hope to eventually add Tusk In Sun to my closet. Here are my favorite items this print is available in:

This is the number one Tusk In Sun item on my wish list. I definitely want to own this top at some point. It is so versatile and can really be worn year-round. During the transitional period between summer and fall it can be worn with skinny jeans and Jacks. Then once it gets cooler add a blue or dark gray cardigan, replace Jacks with cowgirl boots or ballet flats and wear it like that all through fall and winter. Then in the spring and summer it would look super cute with white skinny jeans. (Or if you want to buy this top right now there are currently just under five days left of white jean season).

This simple cotton slub dress with three-quarter sleeves is great to wear during the transitional period between summer and fall. It would look super cute with cowgirl boots. I'm having a hard time visualizing what color tights would look good with this dress and cowgirl boots so it may not be your best option for the cold weather months. Luckily in the South it is frequently warm enough through late October to wear a dress sans tights.

What do y'all think of the Kissy Pink Tusk In Sun print? Have you bought or do you plan to buy anything in this print?

Monday, August 27, 2012

The Great White Jeans Debate

So we are only one week away from Labor Day, which marks the end of summer even though fall doesn't technically begin until the third week in September. For traditionalists like myself, Labor Day means time to hang up certain items of clothing until the following Easter. In the South it usually remains warm all the way through September, and even into October. Some of these post-summer days may even be downright hot. However, in my fashion rule book the following things are not worn after Labor Day, even if it's 100 degrees outside the day after:
  • White jeans
  • White shorts, skirts, dresses
  • White shoes
  • Seersucker
  • Linen

As much as I adore my white jeans and my seersucker, after Labor Day they will remain in my closet until Easter 2013. I know there are people who disagree with me, who say that rules are meant to be broken. Just last week the Wall Street Journal published an article deeming white after Labor Day acceptable. Citizens of Humanity, one of my favorite jeans designers, posted their agreement with the WSJ on Facebook. No matter anyone says, I will continue to be an old-fashioned Southerner with respect to the "no white after Labor Day" rule. To each their own I suppose!

Although I am a stickler on the white/seersucker/linen rule I will continue to wear some of my spring/summer Lilly dresses and skirts until late September, as long as the print isn't super summery. One of my favorite things about the South is that the climate allows plenty of opportunities to wear skirts without tights, short-sleeves, and open-toed shoes for at least several weeks after summer's end. But at the same time the relatively cooler days in early fall enable me to incorporate certain items back into my wardrobe that are simply too hot to wear most days June-August. Be on the lookout for some upcoming posts about favorite transitional outfits!

How strict are you on the "no white after Labor Day" rule? Are there any other things besides white, seersucker, or linen that you don't wear after Labor Day?
Wore my white jeans this weekend-getting as much wear as I can at the end of the season!

Friday, August 24, 2012

Friday Favorites

Hey y'all! TGIF! I'm back this week with another regular Friday Favorites post.

Nail Color:
OPI Got A Date To-Knight!
I love this girly light pink nail polish and the fact that it matches my Lilly cocktail ring super well!

Karen Kingsbury bargain books
I was super excited to find some of my favorite KK books on super-sale at a Christian bookstore. This books are so amazing and you will definitely want to read them again. And if you're looking to build your personal library of Karen Kingsbury books but don't want to break the bank the bargain section in stores like Lifeway is a great place to look!

Picture Frame:
I got this as a gift at least a couple years ago and can't quite remember where it's from, but I love this simple square plexiglass four-picture collage frame. It has a built-in easel flap so it can stand up on a dresser or a shelf, or it can be mounted to the wall.

Guilty Pleasure:
I love this outrageous Lifetime reality show about the Abby Lee Dance Company competitive dancers and their moms! I know the moms act absolutely ridiculous but it is just so incredibly entertaining. And the girls are so talented. I look forward to watching new episodes each Tuesday night and was excited to find the first season available on DVD at Target. Normally I'm not a huge fan of reality TV-for instance I don't even watch the Bachelor or Bachelorette. But Dance Moms has me hooked!

Tide to Go Stain Pen
I've known that these Tide To Go stain remover pens have existed for awhile now, but I had never actually used one until last weekend when I splattered salsa on my shirt at Moe's. Luckily my friend I was with had one in her purse and let me use it and it worked like a charm! My shirt was good as new! I loved it so much I had to buy my own at Target so that I could have one on hand for mishaps. Normally I'm pretty careful not to spill things on myself, but I do have my clumsy moments. Now I can be prepared next time I spill something!

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Some More Recent Reads

Here are a few more books I've read recently that are worth checking out if you're looking for a good late-summer read:

I enjoyed this memoir by four-time Olympic swimmer Amanda Beard, who competed at her first Olympics in Atlanta 1996 when she was only 14 years old. She discusses her experiences in the pool as well as her courageous battles to overcome problems out of the water-including body image issues, an eating disorder, depression, and unhealthy relationships. I love reading books by athletes, and since I used to swim competitively (although nowhere near Amanda's level) I especially liked reading the memoir of a swimmer.

The Overnight Socialite by Bridie Clark
This light and entertaining read is a variation of the Pygmalion story. Lucy Jo Ellis is a plain and ordinary girl from the Midwest who dreams of making it big as a fashion designer in New York. After a chance encounter with Wyatt Hayes, a prominent figure in New York City society, her dream could potentially become a reality. Wyatt makes Lucy his personal project as he spends three months coaching her on how to hold her own amongst the top-notch NYC society ladies. What begins as a simple project becomes complicated as deeper feelings develop.

Unlocked by Karen Kingsbury
I highly recommend this stand-alone novel by Karen Kingsbury. It is the story of an unlikely friendship between two high school seniors: popular cheerleader Ella Reynolds-the lead in the school play, and autistic Holden Harris-the target of bullies. After noticing Holden's love for music, Ella convinces the drama teacher to let him observe rehearsals for the spring musical, Beauty and the Beast. Ella then discovers through old photo albums that she was best friends with Holden when they were really young, and becomes curious to learn more about the kind soul that is locked inside Holden's own private world. She also stands up for Holden when her former friends from the popular crowd make fun of him. As Ella spends more time with Holden and his family, she is drawn to their strong faith in Christ that has carried them through the trials related to Holden's autism. And as Holden spends more time in the drama room with Ella, miracles through a song begin to happen. I found Unlocked to be somewhat of a Christian fiction version of Disney's High School Musical, in that a school musical helps bridge gaps and bring members of different social cliques together.

Where We Belong by Emily Giffin
I just finished this newest novel by Emily Giffin, so I have now read all six of her books. Marian Caldwell is a rich and successful television producer in New York City and is dating rich and successful TV network bigwig Peter Standish. Late one evening 18 year-old Kirby Rose appears on Marian's doorstep, and she is forced to confront the one secret she has kept from everyone except her mom for the past 18 years: the summer after high school Marian got pregnant and gave her baby up for adoption. Marian had given the adoption agency her contact info, so that the daughter she gave up could contact her after her 18th birthday if she desired. However, Marian never expected she would see this daughter again, and life as she knows it is completely changed the minute Kirby shows up. Marian and Kirby begin to develop a friendship as they both embark on a journey of self-discovery and learn who they are and what they want.

Have you read any of these books? What did you think of them?

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Wish List Wednesday

Happy Wednesday y'all! Here are some things I'm currently craving:
Lilly Pulitzer Murfette Scarf in this adorable elephant print

NBC London 2012 Gymnastics Going For the Gold DVD-so I can watch and relive the awesomeness of the Fierce Five whenever I want!

J.Crew outlet Elephant Charm Necklace

Pink skinny jeans-like these from Joe's Jeans. Since I have to put my white jeans up in less than two weeks it would be fun to have another color to rotate with my regular blue jeans.

Tory Burch Riding Boots-absolutely gorgeous!

What's on your wish list right now?

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Liebster Blogger Award Part Two

I have been nominated for the Liebster Blogger Award again, this time by A Preppy State of Mind. (Go check out her cute blog-she has the most amazing collection of Jack Rogers!). If you want to read the complete rules for the Liebster Award as well as eleven facts about me check out this post from when I was first nominated earlier this summer. I will take the time right here to answer the eleven questions from Preppy State of Mind. Here goes:

1.) What is your favorite season? Summer!!!
2.) What is your favorite store to shop at? Any boutique that carries a combination of Lilly, Jack Rogers, Tory Burch, and designer denim-it's hard to pick just one! I also love the J.Crew outlet!
3.) Do you wear gold or silver more? Probably silver
4.) What is your favorite part about blogging? Being able to share my favorite things with anyone who reads Pearls Go With Everything, whether it's fashion, books, sports, foods, or just the little joys in life
5.) What is your favorite Lilly pattern? Pandamonium because I love pandas and this is the print that got me hooked on Lilly!
6.) What two colors do you wear together the most? Probably pink and green
7.) What is your dream car? Don't really have a specific one-I'd prefer my dream closet to a luxury car
8.) What is the best present you've ever received? I honestly can't pick just one-I'm very blessed
9.) What is your favorite thing to bake? Red velvet cheesecake brownies, congo squares (basically chocolate chip blondies), zucchini bread, cake batter bars
10.) What are the top three items in your favorite outfit? I have so many different favorite outfits, but they all include Jack Rogers Navajos (gold or silver), Kate Spade Metropolitan Pearl Stud earrings, and a Lilly dress or skirt 
11.) Who was your favorite athlete from Team USA in the 2012 Summer Olympics? Tie between Missy Franklin (love her pink goggles and pearl earrings) and the Fierce Five women's gymnastics team

I am not going to tag anyone this time around, but if you are reading this and want to participate consider yourself tagged! You can answer the eleven questions I included in my original Liebster post. Thanks again A Preppy State of Mind for nominating me!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Cocktail Rings

Hope y'all have had a great Monday! Today's post is about one of my new favorite accessories: cocktail rings. I never wore cocktail rings until a few months ago, when I bought the absolutely adorable Lilly Pulitzer Cherry Blossom Critter Ring (included in list below). This pink and green ring complements a ton of my outfits so I wear it all the time. Cocktail rings are great for adding a little extra pizazz to an outfit and I plan to eventually add some more to my collection. Here are some favorites I have spotted:

Kate Spade Hip Stitch Ring

Tory Burch Floral Ring

Do you like to wear cocktail rings? What are your favorites?

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Karen Kingsbury Redemption Series

Karen Kingsbury is my newest favorite author, and earlier this summer I read and loved her Bailey Flanigan series. Today I finished the final book in another one of her must-read series: The Redemption Series. This series consists of five books: Redemption, Remember, Return, Rejoice, and Reunion and chronicles the fictional Baxter family over a period of about three years. John and Elizabeth Baxter have been happily married for over thirty years, and they have five adult children: Brooke, Kari, Ashley, Erin, and Luke. Faith and family are the two most important things to the close-knit Baxters, and the books in the Redemption Series take the reader on a page-turning journey through the both trials and triumphs they face. No matter whether the Baxters are in the middle of a tragedy or a celebration, their steadfast faith in God and trust in His perfect plan for their lives carries them through. I won't go into detail about the plot for each book because y'all need to read them for yourselves, but the issues various family members face include adultery, addiction, infertility, brain injury, unplanned pregnancy, broken relationships, and cancer. In addition, the tragedy of 9/11 takes place during the Redemption Series and the second book in particular details the impact that fateful event has on the entire Baxter family. Many happy moments such as weddings, births, and precious time making priceless memories with family also pervade the pages of the Redemption Series. Since the Baxters are minor characters in the Bailey Flanigan series (which was published approximately seven years after the Redemption Series) I was already familiar with the ultimate outcomes of certain situations the Baxters faced in the Redemption Series. However, that did not make reading this series any less enjoyable. It was fun to read about earlier events of the Baxter family in greater detail and there were still plenty of twists and surprises along the way. I look forward to reading the Firstborn Series next, followed by the Sunrise Series, which are both spin-offs of the Redemption Series that continue to follow the lives of the Baxters (as well as the Flanigan family, who was introduced in the final book of the Redemption Series). Here are the five books in the Redemption Series. I highly recommend reading them in order:

Book One:

Book Two:

Book Three:

Book Four:

Book Five:

Every book in the Redemption Series is amazing and will leave you inspired and encouraged in your faith! Who else is a Karen Kingsbury fan? Have any of y'all read the Redemption Series?

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Favorite Instagram Photos

Hope y'all have had a great Tuesday! For today's post I thought I would share a sampling of my favorite Instagram photos. I enjoy taking pictures of the little things that brighten my day and playing around with different filters.

The pool during early morning lap swim

Sand + flip-flops + ocean = happiness

Karen Kingsbury and strawberry daiquiri poolside

Coke display at Lowe's Foods showing pride for Team USA

Matching Lilly skirt and koozie

For more photos follow me on Instagram at pearlsgowitheverything!

Monday, August 13, 2012

The Preppy Little Details

One of the things I love about some of my favorite preppy brands are the "secret" details present in their clothes. I refer to these little details as "secret" because they are not visible to anyone else when I'm wearing the garment. Despite the fact that I am the only one who knows they exist when I wear them, I still think they add a nice extra touch. These preppy little details are one of the many things that contribute to the exceptional design of two of my favorite brands: Lilly Pulitzer and J.Crew. Here are a few examples from my closet:

Lilly Pulitzer Creme Fraiche Shorts:
full shot of the shorts
Preppy detail: trim in contrasting print on inside of waistband

J.Crew Sun Hat:
full view of hat
Preppy detail: ribbon trim on inside of hat

Lilly Pulitzer Multi Gator Patch Shorts:
full view of shorts
Preppy detail: blue gingham inner waistband

Lilly Pulitzer Cherry Begonias Avery Skirt:
Full view of skirt
Preppy detail: infamous Lilly Lace sewn on inside of hem

J.Crew Khaki Chino Shorts:
Full view of shorts
Preppy detail: contrasting fabric inner waistband

Lilly Pulitzer Pandamonium Roslyn Skirt:
Full view of skirt
Preppy detail: infamous Lilly Lace sewn on inside hem. This is a trademark of many Lilly dresses and skirts.

Lilly Pulitzer Caroline Cardigan:
Full view of cardigan
Preppy detail: contrasting green stitching on inside of neckline

Do you have some favorite "preppy little details" on items in your closet?