Friday, February 6, 2015

Friday Five

I'm back with another Friday Five this week! I'm linking up with A.Liz Adventures and friends once again. Here's what I'm loving this week:
1. Lauren James Sweet Tee Collection

I had seen these adorable preppy tees by Lauren James, and up and coming preppy designer, at a store in South Carolina. When Lauren James had a big 40% off birthday sale on her website recently, I took advantage and ordered a couple long-sleeved tees. I needed some more super casual and comfy clothes that were also cute and preppy. Lauren James' Sweet Tee collection fits the bill perfectly. They are seriously the softest and most comfortable tees I have ever worn, and the preppy designs on the back are absolutely precious. The front of all the LJ Sweet Tees have a pocket with the company logo. This Prep In Your Step Sweet Tee is one that I ordered. I loved the first two that I ordered so much that I went back and ordered several more while the sale was still going on. Have to stock up! 

2. Lauren James Land O' The Pines Koozie
Lauren James was sweet enough to throw this precious preppy North Carolina koozie in with my order too! You can get yours here.

3. Tahari Tobie Knit Top
I found this super comfy Tahari knit top in the clearance section at TJ Maxx this week. Since it's neutral colors, the accessorizing options are endless. 

4. Tory Burch In Color
I highly recommend Tory Burch's first-ever coffee table book, In Color. It is absolutely gorgeous and is a great addition to my living room!

5. Super Bowl Shenanigans
I had a blast hosting a handful of friends to watch the Super Bowl this past Sunday. We had a delicious spread and enjoyed the game, commercials, halftime show, and a broad range of conversation topics!

Hope y'all have a great weekend!

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