Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Happy Belated National Pink Day!

Hello to all my lovely readers! I have been super busy the past several days and have not had time to blog at all. This past Saturday, June 23, was National Pink Day. And no, I am not making this up either! I find it very appropriate that National Pink Day falls in the same week as National Wear Your Lilly Day. Anyone who knows me at all is well aware that pink is my absolute favorite color! One time I was buying some pink towels at Bed Bath & Beyond and the cashier said "you must really love pink." In my head I thought "that's an understatement!" So in honor of belated National Pink Day here are a few of my favorite pink things:
National Pink Day was already printed in my Lilly planner-proof I'm not making this up!

My Lilly Pulitzer Adeline seersucker dress. I wore it to a friend's bridal shower the day after National Pink Day, and the bride-to-be happened to be wearing pink as well!

Lilly Pulitzer cotton Elsa top

Lilly Pulitzer Cherry Blossom Critter Earrings

Lilly Pulitzer Adrianna Dress in Daquiri Pink Wishing You Were Here from the Resort 2009 collection. Comes with a matching sash that ties around the waist!

Pink Lilly Pulitzer bottle opener that came with my insulated cooler bag!

My camera is pink!

My pink iPod nano I've had for nearly four years. It's a great companion for working out or laying out!

Lilly Croakies in Scarlet Begonias with a witty saying about pink on one side.

Not surprisingly, many of my pink favorites also happen to be Lilly Pulitzer. They just know how to do pink! And I know I've blogged about several of these items before but they are so great I had to include them in this National Pink Day themed post as well. Do y'all like pink as much as I do? What are your favorite pink things?

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