Friday, July 12, 2013

Friday Five

Friday Five is back this week! Hope it's been a good one for y'all!

1. Norts on Sale!
Confession: Until very recently my wardrobe lacked Norts (Nike Shorts) and I was still wearing Soffees to run in. (Please don't judge me!) I have known for awhile that Soffees are out and Norts are the stylish workout/super casual shorts, but didn't get any because I would rather spend money on non-workout clothes. I finally bit the bullet and got some Norts, thanks to the Dick's Sporting Goods Buy One Get One 50% off sale that was happening right before I went to the beach! (I also got a great pair at Nordstrom Rack several days before I purchased these, but they only had one pair in my size of the style I like and I wanted a couple more so I could rotate pairs.) I'm so glad I did, and since they're so much cuter than Soffees I will wear them for running errands, etc in addition to working out! 

2. Royal Baby Watch!
Lilly Pulitzer posted this 5x5 print on their Facebook page today in anticipation of Princess Kate Middleton's mid-July due date! I am so excited the royal baby will soon be here! I'm hoping for a little princess but irregardless I'm looking forward to seeing tons of pictures! I wish she would go ahead and have the baby already!

3. Trader Joe's Mini Crispy Crunchy Chocolate Chip Cookies
These are one of my favorite Trader Joe's snacks! They're perfect if you want just a little taste of chocolate chip cookie!

4. Breakfast of Champions at the Beach
One of my favorite beach traditions is going to Dunkin Donuts one morning and picking up some Munchkins and a Latte Lite before hitting the beach!

5. Old Navy Vintage Mickey and Minnie Tees
Old Navy is really hit or miss for me. My visit this week during their "Stuff and Save" promotion for Gap card holders was a success though! I snagged a few of these adorable limited edition vintage Mickey and Minnie tees that Old Navy recently got in. The kid in me loves all things Disney, especially classic Mickey and Minnie! And these shirts are so soft and perfect for sleeping or lounging in!

Hope y'all have a great weekend!

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