Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Lilly Pulitzer Fall 2013

I am not ready for fall. I love summer so much and wish it could last all year. There's still a month left of summer and I plan on soaking up every moment! However, it's always exciting when Lilly Pulitzer debuts a new season. The Lilly Fall collection doesn't resemble "stereotypical Lilly" which is fine, because as much as I love my summery Lilly dresses, I am definitely a firm believer in seasonally appropriate fashion. I am absolutely an advocate of still wearing bright colors in the fall and winter months-there is no need to wear black, gray, and navy all the time. However, prints on dresses, skirts, and pants should be "toned down" a bit. With that being said, this year's Fall collection is probably my least favorite of all the past several years. There aren't really any prints that stand out to me the way there has been in Lilly Fall collections past. My favorite item from Fall 2013 is the Tusk In Sun Murfee scarf, and that is a print repeated from last year. Other prints from Lilly Fall that I've loved in the past are "Cameo White Fancy Fest" from Fall 2012, Starry Blue Drama Queen from Fall 2011, It's A Lilly from Fall 2010, and Worth Blue Little Master of the House from Fall 2009. 
Even though Fall 2013 is not one of my favorite Lilly collections, there are still some items I really like! But for right now I'm putting my Lilly budget towards the sale on RueLaLa Thursday morning (here's your free invite!) and the Endless Summer Sale coming up in a few weeks!

I was obsessed with this precious elephant print when it first came out last Fall, but never got anything in it.

I don't have any infinity scarves, and this pink and navy frog print is a great way to incorporate Lilly critters into your Fall wardrobe. 

This crossbody/clutch combo is classy, functional, and will match everything!

This is absolutely gorgeous and would be perfect for fall weddings and cocktail parties. I love any type of lace or eyelet detail, and the blue eyelet contrasting the pink underneath layer is a nice twist!

I love the concept of this top, but I think it's better suited for warm weather because having to wear a cardigan over it would cover up the beautiful bow detail in the back.

This is a bright and polished Fall dress that would be great for both work and going out.

What are your thoughts on Lilly's Fall 2013 collection overall? What are your favorite pieces? I'd love to hear!

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