Sunday, October 21, 2012

New Beauty Buy: Cover Girl Smoothers BB Cream

I am not one to splurge on beauty products and get almost all my makeup at Target. Last week I decided to try out a tinted moisturizer and picked up this Cover Girl Smoothers BB cream that functions primarily as a tinted moisturizer and SPF 15 sunscreen. Normally I just wear a little bit of foundation on my face (and often skip it if I'm not going anywhere important), but I have read in style magazines about the importance of using a moisturizer. They recommend tinted moisturizer as a great option for lightweight coverage. I have been pleased so far with my Cover Girl Smoothers tinted moisturizer. It is not greasy at all and blends easily. It doesn't provide a lot of coverage but if you don't want to put on full foundation it's a great way to subtly enhance your skin tone. At some point when I will try it underneath foundation for when I want more significant coverage. This BB cream is also supposed to improve skin elasticity. The package says it won't clog pores and I haven't had any issues. I also like that it comes in three shades: fair to light, light to medium, and medium to dark. This takes the guesswork out of choosing the correct color for your skin tone. I went with the light to medium. Overall Cover Girl Smoothers BB cream is a good inexpensive choice for a daily moisturizer with sunscreen and sheer lightweight coverage.
Have any of y'all used Cover Girl Smoothers BB cream as a tinted moisturizer before? What is your usual skin makeup routine?

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