Monday, November 4, 2013

Halloween 2013

Last week for Halloween I dressed up as a preppy golfer! Really the best part about my costume was that it gave me an excuse to wear my favorite Lilly skort (Multi Chin Chin print) at the end of October! And the weather was unseasonably warm for Halloween night, so I was comfortable with bare legs and short sleeves! In addition to my Chin Chin Lilly skort, I wore a Southern Proper Frat Hat, Lilly polo, and pearls! I draped a cardigan over my shoulders and since I don't have any golf shoes I just wore my gold Jacks. One of my friends dressed up as a preppy golfer with me and she had some pink golf clubs to complete our costumes! Here is a look at my costume:

What did y'all dress up as for Halloween?

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