Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Beauty Buy: Conair You Curl

Ever since I bought the Conair You Curl Curling Wand at Target a few months ago I have been meaning to do a post, as I have been very pleased with it's performance. My hair is naturally straight-it isn't stick straight and it does have the slightest bit of natural body, but if I want curls or waves of any kind I need to use some type of styling tool. Curling irons and I do not get along-I must confess that I can never figure out how to use them without getting a very not-cute clamp mark in my hair. Hot rollers are too complicated for me to use on my own hair-I have to get someone else to do them for me. I had seen curling wands and thought I would give one a try, since they do not have the annoying clamp that curling irons have-you simply wrap your hair around the barrel and hold for 5-8 seconds. The Conair YouCurl I bought has a tapered barrel that ranges from 1" to 0.5" and it also comes with a heat protective glove for the hand that you use to wrap your hair around the curling wand. The curling wand itself is pretty user-friendly. Any difficulties I have are due to my hair, which can be tricky for me to work with because it is relatively thick overall, but the individual strands are fine and slippery. It helps me to divide my hair into three layers, pin the top two layers out out of the way, and curl the bottom layer first. My hair holds the curl I get from the Conair You Curl very well-and I don't need to use any hairspray. Depending on your hair type and how well it tends to hold curl you might need to use some. 

Natural texture of my hair:

My hair curled with Conair YouCurl:


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