Friday, August 24, 2012

Friday Favorites

Hey y'all! TGIF! I'm back this week with another regular Friday Favorites post.

Nail Color:
OPI Got A Date To-Knight!
I love this girly light pink nail polish and the fact that it matches my Lilly cocktail ring super well!

Karen Kingsbury bargain books
I was super excited to find some of my favorite KK books on super-sale at a Christian bookstore. This books are so amazing and you will definitely want to read them again. And if you're looking to build your personal library of Karen Kingsbury books but don't want to break the bank the bargain section in stores like Lifeway is a great place to look!

Picture Frame:
I got this as a gift at least a couple years ago and can't quite remember where it's from, but I love this simple square plexiglass four-picture collage frame. It has a built-in easel flap so it can stand up on a dresser or a shelf, or it can be mounted to the wall.

Guilty Pleasure:
I love this outrageous Lifetime reality show about the Abby Lee Dance Company competitive dancers and their moms! I know the moms act absolutely ridiculous but it is just so incredibly entertaining. And the girls are so talented. I look forward to watching new episodes each Tuesday night and was excited to find the first season available on DVD at Target. Normally I'm not a huge fan of reality TV-for instance I don't even watch the Bachelor or Bachelorette. But Dance Moms has me hooked!

Tide to Go Stain Pen
I've known that these Tide To Go stain remover pens have existed for awhile now, but I had never actually used one until last weekend when I splattered salsa on my shirt at Moe's. Luckily my friend I was with had one in her purse and let me use it and it worked like a charm! My shirt was good as new! I loved it so much I had to buy my own at Target so that I could have one on hand for mishaps. Normally I'm pretty careful not to spill things on myself, but I do have my clumsy moments. Now I can be prepared next time I spill something!

Have a great weekend!

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