Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Karen Kingsbury Firstborn Series

I have recently read another great series of books by Karen Kingsbury- the Firstborn Series. This series is a spin-off of the Redemption Series that I read earlier. While you can definitely read the Firstborn Series on its own I recommend reading the Redemption Series first.
The Firstborn Series features Dayne Matthews, Hollywood's heart throb of the moment. The first time he lays eyes upon small-town girl Katy Hart, the director of Christian Kids Theater in Bloomington, Indiana, he is drawn to her and enthralled by her innocent beauty. Dayne then invites Katy to fly out to LA and audition for the lead female role in his latest movie. The five books of the Firstborn Series chronicle the feelings Dayne and Katy have for one another, and their struggles to make their relationship work despite the fact they live in two completely different worlds. Another huge obstacle in their relationship is that Dayne does not share Katy's strong faith in Christ. In addition to the Dayne/Katy relationship saga, Katy's trials and triumphs directing the Bloomington Christian Kids Theater are a central part of the Firstborn Series. Katy lives with the Flanigan family, who have two kids involved in the theater group (including Bailey from Karen Kingsbury's later Bailey Flanigan series.) The Flanigans introduce Katy to the well-known Baxter family (from the Redemption Series) and she develops a friendship with them. Throughout the Firstborn Series, Kingsbury gives readers updates on the lives of the Baxters, including the discovery of their connection with Dayne Matthews, which unfolds throughout the series. I can't fully explain the plot lines of the series without revealing spoilers, so you will just have to read them for yourself. Like other Karen Kingsbury books, the Firstborn Series has inspirational messages and references to Scripture that will encourage you and help grow you in your faith. Here are the five Firstborn Series books-definitely read them in order:

Book One:

Book Two:

Book Three:

Book Four:

Book Five:

Have you read the Firstborn Series or any other Karen Kingsbury books? I highly recommend anything by this amazing author!

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