Friday, May 18, 2012

Friday Favorites!

Hey y'all! I'm back this week with another Friday Favorites post!

J.Crew madras shorts. I was super excited to snag these recently at the J.Crew outlet for 50% off! The 5-inch inseam is perfect and these are great for summer!

Lip Gloss:
Girl Scout Cookie flavored Lip Smackers. After seeing these featured in a recent issue of People Style Watch I knew I had to get my hands on some. I finally found them at Target this week. I got a three-pack with Samoas, Thin Mints, and Trefoil flavors. 

White Jeans:
Joe's Jeans High-waisted Skinny Visionnaire. After searching several weeks for the perfect pair of white jeans I finally found these at a Joe's Jeans outlet store. The exact style I got at the outlet isn't available online but you can find a very similar high-waisted white skinny jean by Joe's here.

Lilly Pulitzer "Beachy." Lilly Pulitzer quit manufacturing perfume over a year ago. However, you can still find it at TJ Maxx and on eBay, Amazon, and the Re-Lilly Facebook page. I was super excited to find a bottle in the "Beachy" scent at TJ Maxx a couple weeks ago and it smells amazing! Plus it comes in a really pretty bottle! Image via Amazon.

Dairy Queen Confetti Cake Blizzard. I had one of these last weekend and it was amazing! It's literally cake and ice cream combined into one delicious concoction! Image via Google.

I found this on Pinterest recently. Love it!

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