Monday, May 7, 2012

Pretty Peplums

Peplums are another popular fashion trend for Spring 2012. Here are a few favorite examples of this trend:

Lilly Pulitzer Maybell Dress in Worth Blue Swizzle Stripe. The blue stripes give this Lilly dress a nautical feel. I love how Lilly incorporates the peplum trend into this piece while still maintaining that classic Lilly look that can be enjoyed for years to come. That is why I love Lilly Pulitzer so much-it never goes out of style!

Lilly Pulitzer Maybell Dress in Azalea Pink Pinwheel Embroidery. This is my favorite peplum piece-I love the classic silhouette, bold pink color, and the embroidery detail. The only thing this dress is lacking is a place in my closet!

Pim + Larkin Eyelet Peplum Top via Piperlime. The peplum trend doesn't stop with dresses. This white eyelet top incorporates the peplum trend yet still has a very classic look.

What peplum pieces are y'all admiring this spring? Have you added any to your closet?

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