Thursday, January 3, 2013

Lilly Pulitzer Sale Success

Hope y'all scored some great deals on the Lilly Pulitzer New Year Cheer Sale today! I was definitely successful-I got several great things and didn't do too much damage to my wallet! Everything I bought was more than 50% off! While they didn't have the plaid seersucker Franco dress or anything in the Hotty Pink Tusk In Sun elephant (which were the two things I was really hoping they would have) I was very happy with what I was able to get:
Somerset Dress in Worth Blue
I got this adorable cotton slub t-shirt dress from that Fall 2012 that I had eyed back when it was first released, but couldn't justify paying full-price. Today I got it for nearly 66% off! In person the color is close enough to Carolina blue that it would make a great UNC game day dress!

Zip-up coin purse in Cameo White Fancy Fest
I have been obsessed with this precious black and white kitty cat print ever since it came out this past Fall, but wasn't able to get anything in it. For just $9, I couldn't pass this up! The opposite side has a place for your ID, and the key ring is quite convenient. This would be great for going to the gym, pool, or anywhere that you need your keys and driver's license but not a full wallet.

Shell Yeah Necklace
Normally I'm not big on statement necklaces, since I'm either wearing pearls or a Lilly scarf around my neck. However, I was so fascinated by this necklace from the Summer 2012 collection, because the back of it doubles as a bottle-opener. Yet again, I couldn't justify paying full price but today I snagged it for about 60% off! The seashell is super fun and can also add a nice touch of Lilly to neutral outfits. 

Paley V-Neck Cardigan
I love Lilly cardigans but only get them if they're on sale. I got a Paley V-neck today, except in hot pink. (There was only orange left to get a picture of). Cardigans are a preppy essential and it's great to have one in as many colors as possible so I was happy to further diversify my collection. This cardigan is perfect for work and for being out and about with friends, making it an excellent buy at 70% off!

What makes this sale even more amazing is free ground shipping on ALL orders. And even though the website says it make take up to three weeks to process sale orders due to high volume I got an email as I was typing this post that all the orders I placed this morning have been shipped already! Now can't wait for my stuff to arrive! The sale continues until midnight on Friday Jan. 4 so there's still 24 hours left to score some great deals!

What goodies did y'all get from the Lilly New Year Cheer Sale? I'd love to hear so comment below!


  1. Oooh I'm jealous of the Somerset dress! It's so pretty!

  2. OMG I go so much great stuff! I ended up getting the Luxury Capri in Navy, a Sadie Belt, Laney Dress, Costa Tunic (OBSESSED!!!), Garnet Dress, Arina Dress, Cassie Top & A 2-piece swim suit in Hotty Pink Exotic Lady!

    I spent $322, but only $98 of that was cash out of pocket, the rest were xmas gift cards and birthday money!