Monday, January 7, 2013

The Best Tights Ever!

I love wearing skirts and dresses, and I don't let the cold weather stop me! Thanks to Merona Premium Sweater Tights from Target I don't have to sacrifice comfort and my legs stay warm. These really are the best tights I've ever had. They are thicker than regular tights which provides added warmth yet not too bulky, so they still look sleek and stylish. I also think they are so much more comfortable than normal tights-they are soft and not at all itchy. Before I discovered these last winter I avoided wearing dresses and skirts during the cold months because I felt that tights were too uncomfortable and didn't really keep my legs warm. Now I no longer have that dilemma, and I am so glad because I despise wearing dress pants to work and church. They are so unflattering on me and I feel really frumpy when I wear them. Furthermore, my legs actually stay warmer when I wear a skirt with sweater tights as opposed to dress pants. The cold air just goes right up my pants whenever I do wear them. Plus, it's nice having more wardrobe choices in general since I don't have to worry about my legs freezing in 40 degree weather. I have these marvelous tights in black, brown, and gray. I highly recommend getting a pair or two!

Do y'all have a favorite brand of tights?

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