Wednesday, May 15, 2013

I'm on Vine!

So I had been hearing about Vine and kept wondering exactly what it was and how it was different from Twitter, Instagram, etc. While I really don't need another social media outlet to keep up with, I decided to create an account and check it out, due to my curiosity. For those of y'all that aren't familiar, Vine is a place to record and post six-second looping videos. However, you don't record for six seconds non-stop. Rather you record snippets that are pieced together. Vine is really easy to catch on to and it's free, so if you're curious like I was the best thing to do is create your own account. Even if you don't post that much it's fun to browse and see what kinds of things others post. For those of y'all who are on Vine, follow me at PearlsWithEverything! I have posted a few Vines so far. It's a fun and different way to present Outfits Of The Day, so I will probably be utilizing it for that purpose a good bit.

Here are links to the Vines I have posted so far:

Happy Vining y'all!

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