Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Unanswered Prayers

I read another AMAZING devotional in Streams In The Desert over the weekend. I just have to share some quotes from it that completely blew me away. The focus of this particular day's devotional is the discipline of faith that comes through waiting on the Lord and continuing to believe His promises and goodness even when our prayers go unanswered. Here are the quotes that really stuck out to me:

"When you have made your request to God, and the answer still has not come, what are you to do? Keep on believing His Word! Never be swayed from it by what you see or feel. Then as you stand firm, your power and experience is being developed, strengthened, and deepened." 

"God will often purposely delay in giving you His answer, and in fact the delay is just as much an answer to your prayer as is the fulfillment when it comes."

The devotional also mentions that some of the greatest characters of the Bible were trained in the discipline of faith in order to prepare them for the great plans God had for them. This message and these quotes are so applicable no matter what phase of life you find yourself in. When we desire something and pray for something and yet God appears to remain silent, it is easy to let our frustrations send us down into a pit of despair. Instead, choose to believe God's promises instead of your fickle feelings. I promise it will make such a difference in your life and bring an awesome sense of peace. Remember that even though God may seem silent, He cares so much about your prayers and is working moment by moment to build your character, strengthen your faith, and prepare you for what's ahead! He always gives us what's best for us, even though it may not be what we want at the moment.

"No good thing does he withhold from those whose walk is blameless." -Psalm 84:11


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