Thursday, July 12, 2012

The '90s from A-Z

Y'all are in for a treat-today I am doing a '90s flashback. I have been inspired by a couple of Twitter accounts devoted exclusively to all things '90s that have jogged fond memories of my childhood. Follow @The90sLife and @90sgirlproblem (and while you're at it follow me as well: @EvrythingPearls ). The '90s will always hold a special place in my heart because it is the first decade where I was alive for the entire ten years. Plus I was old enough to remember most of the '90s fairly well. I thought I would do a '90s highlight for each letter of the alphabet. There are a few letters where I did multiple '90s memories because I couldn't choose just one. Enjoy!

A- American Girl dolls
I had Samantha and the American Girl of Today. For several years my birthday and Christmas list consisted entirely of items from the catalogue.

B- Babysitters Club
This series was a staple of my childhood. I especially loved the Super Specials. I gave a lot of mine away but kept a handful and my best friend and I will sometimes skim them to get a good laugh. Not ashamed to admit it!

Beanie Babies
Whenever we were on family vacation, my brother and I used to drag our parents into any and every store that might possibly carry Beanies and have the ones we were dying to add to our collection.

Once upon a time preps wore Birkenstocks, and not just hippies. I think I had four pairs at one point.

C- Converse high-tops
Sadly I could never wear these because my foot was too narrow and I was stuck with plain Keds. I envied the girls who had the hot pink ones with Tweety Bird-remember those?

D- Doc Martens
I find it hard to believe these were such a status symbol when I was in middle school. I think they are absolutely hideous! Again, I could never wear these because of my narrow foot, but I always wanted a pair back in the day.

E- Eureeka's Castle
While this wasn't one of my absolute favorite childhood TV shows I do remember watching it some on Nick Jr, and I especially remember the theme song and closing song. Click here if you want to take a trip down memory lane!

F- Full House
Best TV show ever! I remember being so sad when it was the series finale. I have several seasons on DVD and it is so fun to watch them now and cringe at the awful '90s fashion!

Fun Dip
I vividly remember this Fun Dip packaging from the '90s. Nothing better than dipping a candy stick into pure sugar. I was super excited when Target recently had Fun Dip in the dollar spot.

G- Gak
Gooey toy that made weird noises

H- Home Alone
This will forever be a Christmas movie staple.

I- Instant Messenger
The good 'ol days of AOL instant messenger, before we had text messages and Facebook. What was your screen name?

J- Jellies
These were definitely my shoe of choice the first day of middle school. Cool huh?

K- Kenan and Kel
Any '90s kid remembers this hilarious duo from the Nickelodeon show All That who later had their own Kenan and Kel Show and starred in the movie Good Burger.

L- Limited Too
Anyone who was anybody bought their clothes here.

M- Macarena
Latin line dance that was played no fewer than six times at each middle school dance.

N- Nancy Kerrigan
I was so intrigued by the Nancy Kerrigan-Tanya Harding scandal surrounding the 1994 Winter Olympics figure skating competition that I even made my Barbies act it out.

O- Overalls
It was socially acceptable to wear overalls to places other than the farm or a hoe-down. I had denim, corduroy, and a pair of hot pink Talbots Kids shorts overalls.

P- Power Rangers
I thought Power Rangers were so stupid but had to listen to the theme song every afternoon when my younger brother watched the show. And he had these flip-head Power Ranger toys I used to make fun of.

Q- Quailman
Doug Funnie's alter-ego.

R- Rugrats
Definitely my favorite '90s cartoon.

S- Spice Girls
Back in the day when Victoria Beckham was known simply as "Posh Spice."This was one of the first CDs I ever bought and their hit "Wannabe" brings flashbacks to middle school dances as well.

T- Tamagotchi
The virtual pet craze- my brother got one for his birthday and I was so jealous so I had to go to Kay-Bee Toys (remember that place?) and buy one for myself. I played with it constantly for maybe three weeks then never touched it again.

The most famous movie of the '90s, featuring '90s heartthrob Leonardo DiCaprio.

U- Umbros
I don't think I ever actually had a pair of these, but I remember them being cool to wear to places other than soccer practice.

V- Videocassette
Kids today have no idea what it's like to have to rewind a movie before they return it to Blockbuster, or the guesswork involved in fast forwarding to a favorite part before the era of DVD chapter selection.

W- Walkman
Back when the iPod was unheard of. I don't think we could have conceived the idea of there ever being something like an iPod. When my fourth grade class took a trip to Washington DC we all thought we were so cool listening to our Walkmans on the bus.

Um couldn't really think of anything good but I made up for it by doing multiples of B, F, and T.

Y- "You got it dude"
Full House fans will remember one of Michelle Tanner's famous catch phrases.

Z- Zebra Stripe gum
Who else begged for a pack of this at the grocery store check-out? 

Well that does it for my "'90s from A-Z." Hope y'all got a good laugh or a good history lesson, depending on your age. What do you remember most about the '90s? Comment away!



  1. Love it! The 90's were my favorite! And I love your blog, so I gave you an award. Check it out at

  2. LOVE this post! There isn't a thing on here a didn't have or love! I had forgotten about a lot of those! I always LOVED when the new American Girl catalog would come in the mail. Birkenstocks were my favorite shoes!

  3. Hahaha...I love this! I had forgotten about some of this too! Fruit Stripes gum...WOW.