Saturday, July 7, 2012

Weekly Favorites

Hey y'all! I have not posted as much as I would have liked lately. The past couple of weeks have been super busy. Plus last week I was at the beach with no Internet access except via iPhone. And the iPhone Internet connection was very slow and unreliable on the island. Also, I do not like posting via the mobile Blogger app because it is very inefficient and not user-friendly at all! (I just fixed the poor formatting that was in the two posts I did via Blogger mobile while at the beach). But I can't complain because the weather was absolutely glorious the entire beach week, and I read four books!
Anyways, since I missed yet another "Friday Favorites" I will do a "Weekly Favorites" post again this week.

Sun hat:
J.Crew Factory Classic Straw Hat. I bought this floppy straw hat a couple weeks ago at the J.Crew outlet and absolutely love it! I was wanting a wide-brimmed hat that would provide more sun protection at the pool and beach than the baseball cap I usually wear. Plus it would be a fun hat to wear for a Kentucky Derby theme party (or to the actual thing)!

Watermelon. Nothing says summer like some juicy watermelon from a local produce stand at the beach!

Oreo Cheesequake Blizzard from DQ. Creamy vanilla soft-serve blended with Oreo pieces and cheesecake bites. Need I say more?

Lilly Pulitzer lunch tote in Later Gator. Even if you are well past your "lunchbox days" of childhood this adorable insulated lunchbox is great for taking your lunch to work or for keeping a few drinks cold at the pool or beach.

iPhone App:
Diptic. For awhile I had seen people post photo collages on Facebook and Twitter but wasn't quite sure how they did it. Thanks to Hannah at The Pink and Green Prep I discovered the Diptic app from the iTunes store could do this! It is only $0.99 to download and well worth it! After you select your layout, images, and filters you can choose to save the photo collage to your phone or export to Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. The photo above is a recent "Outfit of the Day" Diptic exported to Instagram format.


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