Monday, July 30, 2012

Lilly Pulitzer Fall 2012

It isn't even officially August yet, there are still five weeks until Labor Day, and the Summer Olympics have just started. However, Lilly Pulitzer just released the first shipment of their Fall 2012 collection on their website this past Saturday, and pieces had already made their way to stores by the end of last week. Although I am in no hurry for summer to end and dread putting away my seersucker and white jeans, it is always exciting to see a new Lilly collection! Here are my favorites from the first installment of Fall 2012:
Mara Dress in Passion Pink About Face Lace
This would make a great cocktail/party dress for fall. I love the solid pink with lace overlay detail and the scalloped hem.

Elsa Top True Navy Colorblocked
The Elsa Top is one of my favorite styles and this is a great way to wear the popular colorblocked trend. It would also look really good with white jeans up until Labor Day.

Charleston Skirt in Hollyhock Gigi
I think this giraffe print is so precious and this skirt would look super cute with cowgirl boots.

Davie Dress in Bright Navy Railroad Stripe
Love this classic striped shirt dress with a contrasting sash!

Delila Dress in Multi Race for This Lace Combo
Another great cocktail/party dress option with solid lace overlay from the fall collection. I like any dress that gives the illusion of a skirt and top tucked-in.

Somerset Dress in Worth Blue
An easy cotton slub dress with ruffled sleeves. This is close enough to Carolina blue that it would make a great game day dress!

Elsa Top Cameo White Fancy Fest
Another Elsa top. I love the geometric black and white cat print!

What are your thoughts about the Fall 2012 Lilly collection? I have heard mixed opinions from different bloggers and commenters-some have said they feel that Lilly is straying too far from their original designs and target audience. Since I have only been wearing Lilly for about two and a half years I don't have super strong feelings about this. In my opinion, the Fall collection is always a little less traditionally Lilly-like. Colors and patterns are darker and toned down to be more seasonally appropriate. Anyways, I'd be curious to hear other opinions on the Fall collection as a whole, especially from those who have been Lilly lovers for longer than I have. Also, what are y'alls favorite pieces from the Fall collection thus far?


  1. I personally really like the Fall line; great colors and all. Fall Lilly is often some of my favorite overall.
    Quick question, I'm writing a similar post over at my blog, but am having a hard time putting pictures from the Lilly website onto my page. They're too small, and when I try to expand them, they're all blurry. What's the trick? Thanks in advance!

    1. Hi Ashley-thanks for your comment! Whenever I use images from the Lilly website I take a screen shot. If you're on a Mac hold command, shift, and 4 down simultaneously, then select the area you want in your shot. Not sure how to do it on a PC but you can google it I'm sure.