Friday, March 1, 2013

Friday Five

Happy Friday y'all!

1. It's March!
I am so happy it's March-which means warmer weather ahead, spring, Easter, college basketball galore, and my birthday!

2. Pink Elephant
This week I got to see a college friend I hadn't seen in nearly three years and meet her sweet baby girl for the first time! I got her baby this precious pink stuffed elephant with John 15:12 "Love One Another" written in a heart patch on the chest. As y'all know, I love elephants so was honestly quite tempted to keep this for myself!

3. Jesus Calling-One Day at a Time
This devotional from Jesus Calling was spot on what I needed to hear this week. We all have a tendency to have anxiety about the future. I find myself thinking about the "what-ifs" which most of the time turn out to be things that don't even become an issue, and I realize in retrospect that they were not worth wasting that much mental energy. This was such a sweet and encouraging reminder that God wants us to trust Him one day at a time and He will make our future clear to us as it unfolds step by step.

4. Barnum's Animal Crackers
I was reminded this week how much I love this classic snack!

5. College Basketball Highlights
-UNC gets revenge by beating NC State
-Yesterday (February 28) was Dean Smith's 82nd birthday and UNC beat Clemson while Duke lost to Virginia!

Have a great weekend y'all!

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